PC-RA Premium




Office programming

Same interface as on the Numerical Control

Increase productivity


PC-RA Premium offline software provides the office operator with the identical interface as on ModEva RA Premium .
Results can be transferred to ModEva RA Premium.

The full 3D PC-RA Premium software, while providing better bending thanks to new high performance features, offers the draftsman all of today’s modern CAM’s features to be more productive.
As an alternative MetaBEND, a powerful off-line software, optimizes part creation productivity by proposing all CAD/CAM features required by the sheet metal industry.


Easy Operating

  • Simple intuitive interface.
  • Full 3D video-like simulation.
  • Multiple view points while working.
  • Machine components can be individually made invisible for better job examination.
  • Automatic or interactive solutions for bending sequences, gauging, corner gauging, and tool mounting.

Better Bending

Creating Programs:

  • 3D collision detection.
  • Direct programming.
  • User defined table for bend deduction.


  • Imported from MetaBEND software.
  • Created using parameters.
  • Automatic tool station dimensioning and positioning.
  • Tool mounts can be edited interactively.
  • Automatic tool shape selection.
  • Automatic tool station segmentation.
  • Delivered with major tool manufacturers’ catalogues.


  • Rapid solution computation.
  • Almost unlimited quantity of programs and sequences.
  • Smooth and fast 3D motion.
  • Importing DXF flat patterns with folding information.
  • Importing 3D models (MetaBEND, IGES).
  • Exporting computed flat patterns as DXF files.
  • Importing DXF files with folding information.