PC-ModEva is a 2D or 3D bending solution software for your PC

It helps the user finding a bending sequence, automatically calculates the axes positions and detects any possible collisions. PC-ModEva is very helpful in workshop organization; it allows prices to be calculated and the feasibility of parts to be checked before they are produced. PC-ModEva software is the same HMI software as on ModEva Pac and ModEva 15T, but running on your computer, therefore providing a unified way of programming. Data is completely compatible and can be transferred between the numerical controls and computer using a USB peripheral or a RS232 serial cable.

Everything you need on a single page:

  • The operator has direct access to all data required to create a part on a single page.
  • No need for menu or page selections.

Simple programming:

  • Simple, logical and visual.
  • The operator has direct feedback of the programming.

Information for each part:

  • Every time the operator loads the corresponding part program, the attached information, be it textual or graphical, is displayed in a pop-up window. No more doubts or errors are possible.

Parametrical parts:

  • If the production is composed of similar and repetitive parts including only small dimension changes, Cybelec “parametric parts” feature is of great help.
  • With this feature, only the adjustable dimensions are shown.
  • The operator only makes changes within the limits of the data to be modified.
  • A single field my change several values at once.

Do you need a calculator?

  • All ModEva numerical controls allow you to use a standard or scientific calculator from Windows via a simple key code action.

Have you lost a part?

  • The small graphic list of parts will help you to find it easily!