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CYBELEC SA, founded in 1970, is a Swiss manufacturer and developer of Computer Numerical Controls (CNC’s), having sold and installed 120’000 units worldwide during 50 years. Market leader in metal forming technology, Cybelec offers a complete range of high-performance numerical controls commonly used in the field of bending and shearing technology.

The core of the company is made of a team of high-skilled and experienced developers, in hardware and software domains, entirely devoted to improving functionalities and fulfilling client’s needs, rendering its CNC more efficient, but always easy-to-use.

Through its worldwide network of distributors and partners, the company offers local service, training and retrofitting services.
The company sells products in China since 1987 through Cybelec Numerical Control Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. This fully owned company features operation activities, marketing & sales as well as customer support and services. .

Cybelec belongs to the Swiss Infranor Group; a major solution provider in motion control, servo motion control solutions for OEM and end user requirements. Belonging to a group like Infranor is a key success factor for sustainability, investment resources, management transitions, strategic decision, and, last but not least, safe governance.

Our History

Like a “garage story” in a pioneer spirit, Cybelec is born in the brain of 3 Swiss engineers in 1970 to progressively become a leader in supplying numerical controls and software applications to major European press brakes, shears and tooling machines, always in a very close cooperation.

1970 : Foundation of the company and first NC for press, compact and directly mounted on the machine.

1972 : Beginning of the major collaboration with Beyeler / Bystronic which will last 40 years.

1974 : Switch from punched tape technology to the electronic memory tape technology, removable RAM data storage on a CNC, revolution in the machine tool industry.

1978 : Launch of the first CNC with a microprocessor working in a close loop coordinating two hydraulic cylinders. World first electronically synchronized press brake.

1984 : New CNC allowing to visualize the movement on a CRT screen. Numerical parameters are now transformed in a graphical 2D drawing showing the piece to bend.

1985 : New system of safety for the operator : laser beam integration.

1988 : Evolution of the display in 3D and colors, using a last generation processor and running under Microsoft OS. This move allowed the end-user to work on a PC with the same Cybelec software to prepare its work, or to do it at the Technical department.

1989 : Cybelec become part of the Infranor Group, a Swiss industrial active in the automation processes and the manufacturing of servo-motors, servo-drives, electronic systems, controllers and software. Cybelec could then enlarge its presence abroad through the Infranor subsidiaries network.

1993 : Launch of the entry-price CNC with the DNC 10 and DNC 20, for 1 or 2 axes presses, to complete its catalog.

1992 : New range of product with significant software improvement, like CAO software dedicated to the field of metal forming. Functionalities allow to design, make sequences of actions, but also generate machines’ codes for punching, shearing, using laser or plasma technologies

1999 : Launch of the DNC 1200, first split machine, rack and console, allowing multi axes management. Technology that the ModEva controls have been using 20 years.

2005 : Opening of the Shanghai subsidiary to assemble the CybTouch family and develop the brand in China.

2006 : Acquisition of FAST SA, specialized in CNC’s for high precision machine tools.

2007 : Control of parallel kinematic machines (delta robots, Stewart platform, …).

2012 : Launch of the CybTouch family, first full touch screen numerical controls.

2013 : First CNC with distributed I/O architecture through CANopen and EtherCAT.

2014 : Launch of the first CNC with CAM software embedded : ModEva RA.

2019 : First projects associating robots control, arm or cartesian, with our CNC for press brake machines, and launch of the VisiTouch controls.

Our product portfolio covers

  • Numerical controllers based on today’s hardware platforms allowing full electronic synchronization of hydraulic press brakes.
  • Touch Screen Numerical Control Systems featuring full 3D process simulation.
  • Open architecture concept for customer specific functionality assurance.
  • User friendly programming with ease due to the “intuitive programming” concept.

Employing over 70 people, Cybelec places great importance in having highly qualified and experienced engineers. Through its network of subsidiaries, agents and service partners, Cybelec is present on the global market. Cybelec’s is committed to support its customers in a dedicated and professional approach. Together with our customers, we continuously strive and improve our products to satisfy our customer needs​

Cybelec in action