VisiTouch software V3.0

During the second half of 2022, we have implemented new and innovative features in the VisiTouch and CybTouch numerical controls now offering more performance while being very easy to use. VisiTouch software version V3.0 with smart data management and accurate angle measurement management VisiTouch MX software version MBT12 with shaped tools Industry 4.0 complete solution …

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Successful EuroBLECH 2022

This EuroBLECH exhibition was a success for Cybelec. The numerous contacts have shown a great interest towards the VisiTouch and CybTouch Numerical Controls solutions, the visitors could see more Cybelec controls on exhibited press brakes and shears and we were able to show a strengthened Cybelec team. We thank you, we appreciated every moment with …

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Accurate angle measurement management

The Angle Measurement plugin has been further improved. It offers advanced possibilities such as automatic bending cycles, easy operator approach, independent side corrections and fast bending.If the machine is equipped with dedicated axes for the angle measurement system, the stations can be motorized. In addition, various measurement configurations are available.

VisiTouch – integrated with Industry 4.0 and IoT software Merlin Connect®

Our VisiTouch numerical controls have been integrated with Merlin Connect®: innovative software that allows the final customers to get a ready-to-use Industry 4.0 system. The interconnection has been custom developed for Cybelec VisiTouch to improve our high-end numerical controls and always deliver excellence to our clients. Merlin Connect can also be used with other protocols …

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Cybelec VisiTouch numerical controls at BIEMH in Bilbao

Congratulations to Axial Maquinaria for its participation in the BIEMH exhibition in Bilbao with a wonderful stand with all the press brakes equipped with Cybelec VisiTouch numerical controls. All the Axial machines, such as the servo-hybrid press brake with angle measurement and bending aid or the robotic bending cell, were well received by many visitors. …

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