Switzerland , 50 year anniversary

This year, we have been developing, producing and marketing CNC for sheet metal forming for 50 years. 2020 is unfortunately not the best year to celebrate our anniversary considering the current sanitary environment, but Cybelec is nevertheless proud to announce the birth of its last numerical control, the VisiPac.  This major launch is the result of hard work from our engineers’ team based on our client’s needs, and our long experience in helping them to work better and faster.  Cybelec is now ready for the 50 next years, thanks to his solid network of clients and service partners. Our values include service, support and strong clients’ relationship as these are the pillars of the long-term success, and we want to thank them here for their trust in our company and in our products.

Deratec, Suzhou, China, fast hybrid press brakes

Always listening to our local agents, Cybelec development teams often visit China to keep our subsidiaries up to date and develop adapted user friendly and powerful solutions for the local market. On his fast hybrid press-brakes, the Deratec hydraulic system requested a special behavior that has been developed, adapted and optimized by means of OEM protected User Cycles. 

Sukrit, Jalandhar, Punjab, India, electrical press installed with VisiTouch 19 MX

New development of a fast servo electric press brakes with a VisiTouch 19 MX and 3D modelling software (on the machine and office PC). The machine is “Full digital” equipped with 8 CANopen axes (Y1, Y2 and 6 back gauges axes), as well as absolute encoders.  To smoothly commissioning this new concept, our support team as well as our Indian representative were present to assist and train the technical team. According to tests done with this new concept, due to speed cycle and positioning optimization, this electric press-brake is capable to produce twice a more as an hydraulic synchro press-brake with even mode accuracy.