CybTouch 8 P

CybTouch 8P is specifically designed for conventional (with torsion bar) press brakes control

It has an intuitive and vivid color full touch screen and a high integration of functions. Its robust design is available in panel or housing version.
Thanks to its large keys, online help, simplified software and many other automatic functions that constantly guide the operator, CybTouch is as simple as a positioner control.

We offer two models:

  • CybTouch 82 P, 2 axes (Y, X)
  • CybTouch 83 P, 3 axes (Y, X, R)

Available in housing or panel design


All CybTouch come with CybTouchTools, which allows to wirelessly transfer data between a PC and CybTouch (requires optional RFLink USB key). It is used to backup/restore machine parameters, tools and parts, as well as updating the firmware.